File catalogue

The Electronic Repository for Russian Historical Statistics contains a selection of basic indicators of social and economic development within seven broad topics for five historical cross-sections. Subdivided in twenty-six subtopics these data can be downloaded from this file catalogue by selecting the appropriate checkboxes in the table below. Data are provided for individual regions according to the administrative-territorial division of the Russian state for each cross-section.

Not all indicators are available (yet) for all cross-sections. In some cases because no such data could be found, in other cases because the data-sets are still under construction.

The data-sets are in database-format, in which every row is a record and every column is a field, and contain full meta-data. They are accompanied by extensive documentation on the origin, compilation and coverage of the data-sets, as well as a license governing further use of the data. After making your selection, click the right arrow to proceed to the download page.
 1.01 Population by sex
 1.02 Population by age
 1.03 Population urban/rural
 1.04 Population by confession
 1.05 Population by estate
 1.06 Number of births
 1.07 Number of deaths
 1.08 Number of marriages
 1.09 Marital status
 1.10 Education
  2. LABOUR  
 2.01 By profession
 2.02 By labour relation
 2.03 By sector of employment
 2.04 By source of income
 3.01 Industrial output in rubles
 3.02 Industrial output in kind
 4.01 Agricultural output in rubles
 4.02 Agricultural output in kind
 5.01 Services output in rubles
 5.02 Services output in kind
  6. CAPITAL  
 6.01 Capital assets
 6.02 Investments
  7. LAND  
 7.01 Land by type/use
 7.02 Land by ownership
 7.03 Land prices
 7.04 Land rents